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The use of LT ALU LEG aluminium supports means significant savings. The entire LT set weighs just 43 kilograms, thanks to which we can gain up to 60 kilograms of additional loading space in the set in comparison with the use of traditional steel supports.

Each kilogram counts!

The hauliers are always trying to use their fleet as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, the load capacity is limited to the difference between the empty weight of the set and the maximum safe load described in its approval or separate regulations. You have no impact on the maximum permissible weight of the set, but you do have influence on its empty weight!

Slimming down the semi-trailer

In addition to the use of lightweight and strong forged aluminium rims, it is also worth installing special supports, i.e. LT ALU-LEG supports made of lightweight and strong aluminium.
These aluminium supports are the lightest the transport world has ever seen: one set weighs just 40 kg. The weight per one semi-trailer ranges from 60 to 80 kilograms. This saving is directly convertible into savings in transport costs and capacity! The load capacity of this superbly designed product is 20 tonnes per piece and is more than sufficient for virtually all semi-trailers and needs. Handling the support is extremely easy and time-saving, and thanks to the universal opening, the product can be used as a replacement for any other support.


The supports are made of a special high-strength aluminium alloy. Their uncomplicated design allows for quick and efficient assembly and extreme ease of use. They are successfully used in almost all types of semi-trailers, including food and gas tanks, silos, cement trucks, tippers, fuel transport and a range of other semi-trailer combinations where weight is an extremely important consideration.

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