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he most effective prevention against damage for logistics and storage
The BELL POST (signalling post) increases the level of protection for employees, buildings, vehicles, and goods immediately.

The BELL POST is available in two versions and is also suitable for outdoor use

Model 1: Fixed installation – For use as a permanent restriction in storage halls, driveways, etc.

Model 2: Mobile option – For use in flexible storage areas.

The post for restriction of paths in halls, yards, etc. Typically installed on ramps, in arches inside warehouses, etc.

The area of application of the mobile option is unlimited. Above all, it helps to secure constantly changing storage areas and, for example, forklift routes in halls and factory premises. This is where collision damage occurs repeatedly, as the infrastructure and warehouse situation in these areas is constantly changing. With the mobile bell post, optical signals can be set and audible alarms can be triggered, helping everyone involved to avoid damage.

Yellow bell
Height: 1,060 mm
Weight 13.8 kg
Material: powder-coated steel with a 60° tilt in the 360° direction of inclination.
Warning signal: audible in the range of approx. 500 m²
– the bell sound works purely mechanically without power supply

Base frame for mobile bell post application:

Dimensions: 490 x 490 x 10 mm
Weight: 20.1 kg

Measurable benefits of using the BELL POST:

  • At least 50% reduction in costs due to collision damage
  • Immediate determination/identification of the cause of the accident in more than 90%
  • Over 50% increase in the safety of people, stored goods, vehicles, and buildings
  • It immediately raises awareness and improves behaviour of forklift and truck drivers
  • Multiple amortisation of the investment in a matter of days up to a few weeks